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My work addresses the psychological effects of the objectification of women, specifically internalization of objectifying images, self-objectification, disordered eating, as well as the traits that have historically been socially unacceptable for women to exhibit (e.g., anger, assertiveness, body respect). My paintings dismantle perfectionism both through destruction and subtle reference to figuration. I paint mostly from emotion and intuition. My ceramic vessels focus on glaze elements which have been traditionally rendered defects in the ceramics community. I am exploring these “defects” to create new glaze textures and add depth to my work.

I am a recent graduate from Smith College. As an Ada Comstock Scholar, I received my bachelor's degree in psychology and applied statistics. I am currently working towards launching an arts manufacturing business in the Pacific Northwest. In my studio practice, I work with non-representational abstraction and continue toward the goal of merging my painting and ceramics practices. I am concentrating on special effect glazes (see "Tiles") and integration of figuration and form in paint.